1 Month Onboarding

Covers first month introduction to the Program, initiates the start of their exercise plan.

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What we do

Supportive Community Outreach for Improved Well-being

Community Outreach and Support

The Crocus Foundation's main goal is to provide resources that support the community.  It is our intention to lessen the financial burden for Cancer Survivors to participate in needed physical exercise programs.

Meet Clients Where They Are

Cancer Treatment and Recovery impacts people in very different ways.  We will partner with a variety of services to make sure, no matter what stage of treatment a person is in, the required services are available.  Example services are Personal Training/Programmed Exercise, Therapeutic Massage, and Nutritional Based Health Coaching.

Inclusiveness For All Clients

All Cancer Survivors are welcome.  Regardless of the type of cancer, stage, the length of time, or age. We have created a welcoming, safe, calming, environment to assist in the healing process, with the goal of improving quality of life. Each Client will receive an individualized exercise program tailored to meet their specific needs.

Meet Recommendations Given by Medical Providers

The Crocus Foundation and their Partners, work directly with Care Providers to make sure we are in sync with physical activities that assist in the life journey of the Cancer Survivor.