Enhancing Cancer Survivors' Wellbeing Through Affordable Fitness Programs

Physical activity provides numerous advantages for individuals diagnosed with cancer, encompassing improvements in both physical and emotional well-being, boosting general functionality and life quality, and potentially lowering the chances of cancer returning in some types. Additionally, we are excited to invite you to our inaugural gala event, Hampton on the Mississippi; for more details, please find the link provided below.

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The Crocus Foundation Presents

Hamptons on the Mississippi

Mark your calendars for an unforgettable evening with The Crocus Foundation's "Hamptons on the Mississippi," a spectacular event honoring J. Bruce Meriwether. Join us for a night of elegance and entertainment, Hamptons style, as we gather on June 6, 2024, at the 7 Hills Ballroom and Event Center in Dubuque's Historic Millwork District.

June 6, 2024

Cocktails at 5:30 pm
Event starts at 6pm
Event Details
Registration opens March 1st.
MC: Gary Dolphin
LIve and Silent Auction
Music by Joie Booth
Food and Drink Provided
Hampton Style Games and more!
What we do

Supportive Community Outreach for Improved Well-being

Community Outreach and Support

The Crocus Foundation's main goal is to provide resources that support the community.  It is our intention to lessen the financial burden for Cancer Survivors to participate in needed physical exercise programs.

Meet Clients Where They Are

Cancer Treatment and Recovery impacts people in very different ways.  We will partner with a variety of services to make sure, no matter what stage of treatment a person is in, the required services are available.  Example services are Personal Training/Programmed Exercise, Therapeutic Massage, and Nutritional Based Health Coaching.

Inclusiveness For All Clients

All Cancer Survivors are welcome.  Regardless of the type of cancer, stage, the length of time, or age. We have created a welcoming, safe, calming, environment to assist in the healing process, with the goal of improving quality of life. Each Client will receive an individualized exercise program tailored to meet their specific needs.

Meet Recommendations Given by Medical Providers

The Crocus Foundation and their Partners, work directly with Care Providers to make sure we are in sync with physical activities that assist in the life journey of the Cancer Survivor.

Our Mission

The Crocus Foundation provides Health and Wellness support to Cancer Survivors by minimizing the financial burden of participating in a certified Clinical Exercise Program. These Programs are designed to assist in improving the Survivor's overall quality of life in a safe and effective way.

Our Story

Forever Crocus Minded: Join us in Honoring a Legacy, Supporting Cancer Survivors

January 25, 2023, marked my father, J. Bruce Meriwether's, first birthday in Heaven. He would have been 85. He passed away on June 25, of complications from Esophagus Cancer.

Many people who knew Bruce are familiar with The Crocus Prayer that he used at the end of many of his speeches, especially when addressing the challenges within the community or even when talking with someone who may be facing personal challenges. From the farm crisis to tackling diversity issues, and economic development needs, the Greater Dubuque Development initiative and eventually the University of Dubuque transformation. This prayer and its meaning were present throughout. As for the individuals he spoke to, his impact in their lives has resonated with so many. He was a man about people. He loved people. He loved to build communities no matter where he was.

The prayer itself is about having the courage, and the strength, to move the world forward even if others don't agree. It's about sticking your neck out and working through all the tough stuff because others don't want to take the risk. It's about personal commitment and integrity to do the right thing. It's about surviving adversity even when it's hard. It's about giving back to the human race and making it a better place to live. Bruce, my Father, was all of that! He was and always will be forever crocus minded. Now we pray for courage and continue on for him.

The Crocus Foundation is our way of continuing his legacy. Cancer touches almost everyone's life in one way or another and has a profound impact on the human race. It has been proven that exercise no matter how small, impacts the soul, the mind, and the body. It is our goal, to extend our Program to as many Cancer Survivors as we possibly can, with a wide reach. We will impact the human race, and we will be forever Crocus Minded in our journey.

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“This program was just what I needed after my breast cancer diagnosis and treatment.”

I was very surprised and excited when I was asked to take a spot in this program. My trainer, Reagan, is a great motivator and inspiration to me. I am working hard to get myself in the best physical and mental well being and Reagan is helping me to get there.

Beth Neye
Cancer Survivor

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